Friday, June 27, 2008

How did God make us?

My four year old just asked me this question. This is how the conversation went.

Ryan: How did God make us?

Me: Well, he gave us bodies. And minds.

Ryan: So we can think?

Me: Yup. And he gave us hearts. (thinking that we have hearts to pump know. The anatomy aspect.)

Ryan: So we can love?

Me: yup. So we can love. (with tears welling up in my eyes)

The conversation continued on for a little bit, but nothing as sweet was said.

Sometimes Ryan is my biggest challenge. I wonder if I'm not showing him enough love, enough compassion. If I'm being too hard on him, expecting too much. I have a great love for him. I hope he knows that. And there are times like these where I'm so glad I see the softer side of my little rough man. :)


The Millhouse Family said...

AWHHHH!!! That is sooooo sweet!!!

shimber said...

Ryan's such a cutie. :)