Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Loving teases

So over the past few days, anytime something humorous happens, Bon will tease me about "this is going in the blog". Well, since my short (and long) term memory have been sucked almost dry since having kids, I can never think of what it was exactly that we thought was so funny. I do have something that *I* think is hilarious, but would others?? You tell me... Bon has a friend that is getting married in April. Not too funny...in fact, very nice for him. Well, the funny and head-scratching part is that they are having a Midevil themed wedding. (Midevil...is that spelled right?) If Bon decides to go, they want him to dress up. In describing the outfit to me, Bon said "Robinhood". So now all I can think of is my dh dressed up as Peter Pan with a mix of Puss in Boots (from Shrek 2). Are your cheeks hurting yet?
(By the way...that is NOT Bon in the picture to the right...)

Here's another funny part of the story. (please do continue to read, as it gets extremely funny...) We think the wedding is the same weekend as Easter. And Bon has agreed to dress up as the part of the Savior for some sort of presentation at church. So in one weekend, he'll be Robinhood and Jesus Christ. How lucky can one guy get?!

We found out last Thursday that we are having a boy! We were both hoping for a girl, but we've hoped for a girl for all of them and have only had 50/50 success rate. Sorry son, we really do love you and think you are the cutest boy on the planet! Your brother will be right behind you in line on that cutest boy thing. We don't have any names picked out. Our son was nameless for a day and a half. Once we named him, we realized that both his and his sister's names mean the same thing. So with this one, I'm thinking of finding something similar. I think that would be cool. I suggested Benson to Bon last night and he gave me an incredulous look (maybe he even swallowed back some vomit that had come up...). He said it sounded like the butler's name in Diff'rent Strokes (?). Then he kept up on the subject of butlers, like the guy on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So I will take back my offer of naming our son Benson. Just so that our son isn't doomed for a life in servitude.


Beret said...

How about naming the baby Mr. Belvedier?

Christine said...

That would be cool for all of the kids names to have similar meanings. Derek means ruler so you should consider that one ;) LOL

A Medieval themed wedding sounds hilarious. Poor Bon! You will have to take pictures so we can mock him... hehe.

stacy said...

I had some friends who had a total Medieval wedding. A lot of the people in attendence dressed up, even Walter did. I didn't. You will have to take pictures. Bon will have quite a weekend with all the costume changes.

Heather said...

Benson was a butler's name on a tv show. LOL I think Benson was even the name of the show.

I can't wait to hear about this wedding after it happens. Make sure to take a picture of Bon in his costume!