Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stop getting sick already!

Last week I started infecting the whole Retrac household with the flu/stomach bug/24-hours-from-hell thingy. Our son got it on Thursday. Everyone was peachy-keen the whole weekend and then Bon calls on his way home from Indiana yesterday that he feels ill. Once home he tells me that upon reaching Richmond, he can't hold it in any longer and as he's pulling off the freeway, he's puking out the car window. I really feel for other commuters and anyone who lives in or around the Richmond area. That is something I could go my life without seeing. He recovers quickly and is feeling good today. But at 11 pm last night, our daughter decides it's her turn. Sweet... The smell of her puke makes Bon's stomach turn and gurgle, so he spends the night in the bathroom (just sleeping, but away from odors). I'm left with the girl who is puking every 1/2 hour or so until 4 am. Then once at 7. She was polite about it though. At one point I put the bucket under her and she said "no thanks" and then started gagging more. We had put a few towels on our bed to catch any misses, since she did like to turn her head mid-heaving. And her diva-ness was also revealed as she yelled "WIPE MY MOUTH!" at one point. She's only been sick once today, and we both had a good nap. Let's just stop this puking madness!!!

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