Thursday, March 16, 2006

Smack talk from a 3 year old

Our daughter has become obsessed with playing games. Sounds fun and innocent? Well. Heh. We have this game for the X-box called Fusion Frenzy. Totally easy and fun games to play. (I say easy as if I'm really good at them. Truth is...I suck.) These are the "games" that she wants to play. So yesterday I indulged her while the boy napped. We played for a while and she was having fun. (And I'll admit I was too.) Before each game would start, I would ask what color she was and usually she'd pick a color that the computer was playing. She usually won playing that way too. So her "real" color (person) either didn't score or was 4th place. During one game, she says "Ha! You'll never beat me now!" in a Swiper the Fox sort of way. I said "Are you smack-talkin me?!" "Yeah, I'm mack talkin you." Sweet! lol And today her and the boy were fighting and I turn and see her pinning him to the floor! Holy wrestling moves Batman! Pretty soon we'll need to feed her vitamins and make her bench press her own weight. :P


emlouisa said...

What a cute kid! I know my 2yo would smack talk if he could. Gotta love it!

lackrik said...

LOL! "Mack talk".

too cute.

Lei said...

Lol... sounds like a good plan, Becky! Lmbo!