Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wrong number

My husband has an unusual name. It's one of those names where people actually say "is that his real name?" or "is he foreign?" Yes, it's his real name and no, he's not foreign. It's also a name that gets corrected a lot..."don?", "ron?", "jon?". No it's Bon with a B as in boy, bravo, boo-boo, get down and Boogie...

So I always feel bad when (and this actually has happened more than once), we get a phone call and the person asks for "Don". My reply is usually to make sure they repeat who they want and then if it's still "Don", I'll tell them they have the wrong number. Today, however, I didn't ask him to repeat it, and now I feel bad. Maybe he did want Bon and he said Don instead and I just hastily told him that he had the wrong number. He did sound sort of suprised that he had dialed wrong... Oh well...It's been over 10 minutes and he hasn't called back. "Don's" not even home anyway. ;)

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