Sunday, January 25, 2009

6 Random things

My friend who blogs here has asked us to list 6 random things in our fridge. Wanna participate? Feel free!

My six:
1. Home made grape juice.
2. a rotten cucumber.
3. a pound of ground turkey
4. cookie dough
5. lactose free milk
6. an orange soda


liz said...

I love that you love making homemade stuff! I only wish we lived closer so I could eat/drink it! I haven't had homemade grape juice since I was a kid. You rock!

beckylou said...

lol I didn't say that I made it! It's from when Bon's parents visited at Christmas. They brought 2 jars of it and a whole case of canned (jarred? bottled?) pears. The pears are quite yummy.

I wish I had canning skills. It's on my to do list.

But I also wished you lived closer. :)