Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My kids are funny...sometimes.

Just now on the way home from the store, Ty was telling a knock knock joke. These usually consist of him saying knock knock to whomever is listening and then he says something random and it's never funny. Well. Most of the time. Today here's his joke.

Knock knock.
Who's there?

And even though that's not how the joke is supposed to go, that's where it ended. And it was funny because after he said it, both Reagan and Ryan gave a collective "ewwww" at the same time. Now *that* was funny.

Then Ryan was talking about dinosaurs and heaven. He asked if there was a dinosaur heaven. I told him I didn't know. Then Reagan told him he should ask his primary teacher on Sunday because she looked pretty old.

Ha! She later realized that his primary teacher was her primary teacher from last year so "she's not old". :)

Kids. Sometimes you just gotta love them. ;)

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