Thursday, January 15, 2009


I usually have a mental list of different projects I want to do/get done. Like right now it's painting our end tables in our bedroom and the TV casing thing. And making a wallet for my sister, a dress or two for Reagan, maybe throw in a skirt too. But I'm usually a slacker and don't work on my projects like I want to. Maybe I can make this a new goal.

But tell me, oh faithful readers, what are some of your mental projects?

Right now it's really cold outside and Ty is playing...outside. By himself. Does that make me a negligent mom? I know he's out there, he has a big winter coat on, but no gloves/mittens and just crocs. Hopefully he'll come inside soon when he realizes how cold it is.

And in case you haven't heard me whine enough.... Bon is going to be out of town all next week. I'm going to be so bored! Anyone want to come visit? Reagan only has school two days next week....


Kendra said...

Mental list...
Get all this dang laundry done before next week
clean up the dining room
get rid of all the baby stuff
Read three books (started need to finish)
Be a better mom
Finish last two panels for kid's curtains
Fill in fireplace
And 50 other 'man' chores of which I don't know how to complete any. lol

FIreball said...

Mental list:
get out of bed (yes I am still in it)
eat food (haven't eaten yet)
get dressed (who knows what to wear)

trying to think positive about LONG vacations... LOL

A week of boredom... I feel for you, but just imagine MONTHS at a time! IT'S EVEN MORE BORING at night... but I've heard its great bc. hehehe

Anonymous said...

mental list:
box up Samantha's too small clothes and put the 3T ones in the closet.
clean out my side of the closet